British support group for the ‘unwoke’ is a thing

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You just knew it had to happen sometime.

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A London academic has set up “a support group for the unwoke” called Counterweight, according to a report in

Helen Pluckrose claims to help about 100 clients monthly who are usually under threat of being fired from their jobs or volunteer positions for going against social justice rules set up in schools and at work.

Pluckrose established Counterweight last year after the police killing of George Floyd in the U.S. led to people e-mailing her about suddenly being ordered to comply with new workplace codes that prevented them from having their own thoughts on racism, gender norms, and sexism.

“People want a way to say ‘I don’t believe what you’re trying to get me to pretend I believe,’” Pluckrose told, adding: “‘I want to be able to be able to oppose racism, or homophobia, or sexism from my own moral values and not from these particular America-central theoretical ones.’”

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Pluckrose, a married mother of one, claims her clients, mostly based in Britain and the U.S. although some are in Canada and other countries, have included an academic who was bullied for using the term “mother” to describe someone who gave birth.

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“We are a liberal humanist organization and then we define that broadly so that we’re there for anybody who believes that it’s important to fight racism and other forms of discrimination but doesn’t want to be compelled to do so using what we call critical social justice theories, which are colloquially known as woke-ism,” Pluckrose told the

The academic isn’t paid for her work but she and some of the others involved are compensated through crowdfunding.


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