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Ever wanted to get every last drop out of that ketchup packet you got with your fast-food order?

Heinz, the masters behind the beloved tomato condiment, have released a device that will literally help you squeeze all the ketchup out of that packet without resorting to hurting your hands.

For just $5.70, condiment lovers can pick up the Heinz Ketchup Roller, a small, Heinz-bottle-shaped device that will squeeze every last bit of sauce out of the packet like a tube of toothpaste.

Heinz is marketing the device as the “biggest innovation in sauce since the packet itself.” According to Food and Wine, the device works by inserting a closed end of the packet through a slot and as it’s pulled through, the ketchup will be forced out of the open end easily.

“Squeezing out every drop (from our packets) is no easy feat,” Ashleigh Gibson, Heinz’s brand director told Food and Wine. “We engineered the Heinz Packet Roller to give fans a whole new way to savour their favourite condiment and ensure the last drop never goes to waste again.”

If you don’t have $5.70 to spare, one could just use two fingers to squeeze ketchup out of the packets. But you don’t get a cool keychain-sized keepsake either.


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A South Carolina woman encounters an octopus living in a shell.
A South Carolina woman encounters an octopus living in a shell. Photo by Screenshot /Instagram/mcgeebythesea


We all know hermit crabs make their homes inside discarded shells.

But what about octopuses?

A South Carolina woman recently made an unusual discovery after finding an octopus situated inside a shell. According to WCIV-TV, Lori McGee was walking along the shore of the Isle of Palms when she found a whelk shell.

Wondering if there was a crab inside, McGee found an octopus living inside instead. The sea creature then crawled out of the shell and onto the woman’s arm.

“I’ve lived here for 12 years, walk the beach year-round, but today I witnessed something I never could have imagined,” McGee wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of her discovery.

McGee said the octopus was in the shell long enough for her to take the picture before it crawled out and went back into the ocean.

She wasn’t interested in the whelk anymore, so she set off on another adventure,” said McGee. “We just watched the movie My Octopus Teacher a few days ago, so I do think this rare encounter was meant to be.


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Imagine what an adventure this cat had at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

A cat that escaped an animal career while it was being loaded onto an airplane bound for Italy was captured three weeks later after being found snooping around the tarmac.

In an interview with Patch, John Debacker, vice president of Long Island Cat Kitten Solution, said the cat’s owner, Salvatore Fazio, discovered his cat, Ettore, went missing after arriving home in Italy to find the carrier empty.

Ettore had escaped from the carrier before it was loaded onto the plane.

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Debacker said it was hard to get permission to search for the cat on the runway area.

A Port Authority worker later found Ettore’s collar near the runway edge. A security camera caught footage of the elusive cat.

A humane trap was later set up to catch Ettore, who was later reunited with his owner.

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 7 during a special event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California broadcast September 14, 2021.
Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 7 during a special event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California broadcast September 14, 2021. Photo by APPLE INC /REUTERS


Tim Cook frowns upon any Apple employee who leaks memos … so says a leaked memo.

According to a memo leaked to The Verge, the Apple CEO noted the makers of the iPhone are doing “everything in our power to identify those who leaked” company information and that “people who leaked the confidential information do not belong” at Apple.

“So you know, we do not tolerate disclosures of confidential information, whether it’s product IP or the details of a confidential meeting,” said Cook. “We know that the leakers constitute a small number of people. We also know that people who leak confidential information do not belong here.”

So what was initially leaked? The Verge reported that Cook announced on Sept. 17 during a company meeting that Apple will be implementing frequent testing for unvaccinated employees while not addressing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Cook also discussed moving forward with an antitrust lawsuit that pits Apple versus Epic Games.

Cook is tying news to product leaks as well, which Apple has gone to great lengths to protect before.


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