Cops in Colorado rescue tot who got her head caught in railing

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Not only do they rescue cats stuck up trees, but also children whose heads are stuck too.

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The Boulder Police Department shared the body cam video of two officers using a battering ram to gently pry open a second-floor outdoor balcony railing so a toddler, who accidentally got her head stuck while sitting down and peering out, could be rescued.

“As kids, we’ve all done things that seem like a good idea at the time, but that we sometimes come to regret,” the Boulder Police Department wrote on their Facebook page.

“That was the situation here where this adorable toddler was recently enjoying the day and her view, but accidentally got her head stuck in the railing. Thankfully Sergeant Marquez and Officer Kyle were quick to respond and came up with a clever and speedy way to safely free her.”

Once freed, the emotional toddler, barefoot and wearing a pink tank top and rainbow skirt, ran straight into the arms of a crying adult waiting nearby who could be heard saying over the youngster’s tears: “Don’t ever do it again.”

The cops offered the rescued girl a sticker and made sure she wasn’t feeling sick before leaving the apartment during, at which point you can hear the still-upset youngster yell: “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” they yelled back.


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