Potential legal challenge looms for vaccine certificates

Justice Centre says it will launch a charter challenge if the system is not scrapped

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Just two days into the vaccine certificate system, the battle over the new passports to enter “higher risk” settings might become a legal tussle.

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The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms says it has sent a legal warning letter to the Ontario government on behalf of four clients demanding the vaccine passport mandate be revoked immediately.

“Mandating a system that denies Canadian’s access to certain services that are arbitrarily defined as nonessential by the government creates a slippery slope and sets a dangerous descent into a medical dictatorship,” said Henna Parmar, a lawyer with the centre.

The centre wrote to the Ontario government saying that it will file legal action if the province fails to halt what the centre considers “its unconstitutional discrimination” against those who have not yet chosen to receive what the centre calls “experimental vaccines.”

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Since the vaccine passport was announced, the centre says it has received hundreds of emails from concerned Ontarians.

As of Wednesday, anyone seeking to access select settings that include restaurants, bars, gyms, concert halls, professional sporting events and gambling halls must show proof they’ve received both doses of vaccine.

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The centre’s demand letter asserts mandatory vaccination for COVID constitutes a significant, unwarranted and profound infringement on the rights of Canadians “that cannot be justified in a free and democratic society.”

“Ontarians should not be coerced or pressured by the government into submitting to a medical intervention to which they do not consent,” says Jorge Pineda, a lawyer with the centre. “It will be a tragedy to see Ontarians, including children, being coerced to take the vaccine, or else be socially marginalized,”


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