LILLEY: O’Toole deserves a second shot at defeating Trudeau

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The result is more than depressing for conservative-minded voters, but also a sign that there is nothing Trudeau can do that they will not support.

Trudeau has been accused of sexual assault, been caught wearing blackface, and has had multiple ethics scandals. Perhaps that was all baked in, he did lose some support over these issues in the 2019 election, but his record since then has been far from stellar.

Canada’s inflation rate is at a two-decade high, the cost of everything is going up, driven in part by out-of-control government spending and Trudeau has no plans to deal with it. Beyond the daily cost-of-living concerns, the price of housing in many parts of the country has more than doubled on his watch which is great for people selling but pricing generations out of the market. Trudeau has no plans to deal with it.

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What I am wondering is what this vote says about the one-third of so-called “progressive” voters who decided to reward Trudeau’s Liberals. How can they call themselves progressives when they back a man with his record and his temperament?

He’s an environmentalist who doesn’t meet environmental targets. He’s a feminist who doesn’t take sexual misconduct in the military or his own party seriously. He’s a leader who claims to be all about the middle class but is letting inflation run rampant ruining family budgets.

It’s not as if voters who think they are progressive don’t have other options — there is the NDP, the Bloc and the Greens — but they have decided to vote for narcissism, incompetence and shallowness. They have rewarded bad behaviour once again, ensuring that nothing will change for Trudeau in the future.

It has been an exhausting, divisive campaign.

Unfortunately, we are looking at having more of the same in the months to come when this minority ends.


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