The RUSSTRAT was again included in the ranking of the most influential media resources

MOSCOW, 15 Aug 2021, RUSSTRAT Institute.

The RUSSTRAT Institute was again included in the “Top 100 viral Russian-language media resources” ranking for July 2021, which is published monthly by the Brand Analytics social media monitoring and analysis system.

The ranking includes the largest Russian-language media and information-analytical resources. The RUSSTRAT Institute took 92nd place in the ranking, overtaking the Vedomosti newspaper in the citation index. The top five leaders were RIA Novosti,, RBK, TASS and RT in Russian.

Recall that the “Top 100 viral Russian-language media resources” is a ranking of content producers (mass media, UGC platforms, bloggers, etc.). The purpose of the ranking is to show which sources actually make up the information space of society.

To compile the “Top 100 viral Russian media resources” raking, 1.73 billion Russian-language posts on social networks were analysed according to data for July 2021, containing 1.94 billion links to media platforms and resources, 312 million of which are short links deployed for proper analysis.

To calculate the ranking, the monthly flow of Russian-language messages on social media is analysed, and they include the social networks “VKontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”, “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “YouTube”, “Moi Mir”, “MirTesen”, as well as blogs, forums, public channels. messengers and comments on news articles. Messages from automated accounts (bots) and self-citation are excluded from the analysis.

The Social Media Citation Index is the number of links (citations) to a social media source per month. To calculate the ranking, the number of links for the entire month is normalised to 30 days.

All short links to sources are converted to raw links prior to citation calculations. Short links have been made for over 900 sites like,,, etc.

Top 100 media share is the share of virality of the news field generated by resources from the Top 100, expressed as a percentage in 0.1% increments.

Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies – RUSSTRAT


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