WATCH: Bystanders rush to stabilize rocking midway ride

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That’s one Magic Carpet Ride a few people might be willing to give a miss in the future.

The structure of the ride, part of the Arnold Amusements Midway in Michigan’s Grand Traverse County, started to sway last Thursday night, and the startling movement was captured on video.

Cue about a dozen bystanders who ran to grab the fencing around the ride’s base in an attempt to stop the rocking.

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When the ride came to a stop, witnesses said the seats remained locked for several minutes before riders were able to walk away while the crowd cheered and people hugged those who’d been part of the scary ordeal.

There were no injuries and by Friday morning, the ride was disassembled and no longer running.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

The Arnold Amusements Midway is a staple of the 95th Annual National Cherry Festival.


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