‘WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU’: Brothers fined for wrecking late mother’s home amid family feud

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They certainly saved the drama for their late mama.

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Two brothers in Australia who destroyed their late mother’s home after their sister was named executor of her estate aren’t laughing now.

Malcolm Taylor, 57, and Garry Taylor, 59, not only missed out on their inheritance but have now been fined for their attempt to stop their sister from inheriting anything.

It was in March 2019 when the brothers made the trek from their Queensland home to their mother’s place before the property was to go up for auction, Australia’s ABC News reports.

The day before the auction was to take place, the men rented an excavator and filmed themselves ripping the home apart.

They told everyone — from their sister to local police to friends on social media — that they were doing “renovations.”

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But prior to the unauthorized demo, Malcolm removed a hot water service and told a real estate agent he “didn’t want his sister to profit from any sale” and would “continue taking things until there was nothing left.”

County court Judge Michael Cahill said their actions were more than just a “spontaneous prank” but a “planned and calculated” move.

“You were laughing while you destroyed your, and your sister’s, inheritance,” he told the brothers Friday. “Now the world is laughing at you for your stupidity.”

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A lawyer for both men said the brothers have been harassed by media over the case.

“If Your Honour had any worry about the concept of deterrent, the media have done that,” Mike Anderson said. “There’s no way these men will ever offend again.”

The total loss to the estate was about $60,000 – a $20,000 hit taken by each sibling. The brothers had previously agreed to pay their sister a “reasonable” amount to compensate her for her share of the lost inheritance.


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