“Atari! Whoa-oh-oh-oh!” Rare game sells for over $13,000

Only 13 copies of ‘Air Raid’ are known to still exist

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Did you hold onto your old Atari games?

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‘Cause if you did, you could be in line for some major cash.

Classic Atari 2600 game Air Raid was found at a Goodwill in North Central Texas and later sold for around CAN $13,203.01 at auction according to Fox News.

It’s the rarest of all the classic 1980s video game system’s titles, with only 13 copies still known to exist.

An entire box of old video games was donated to the store and an employee, whose father is a video game expert, helped his son spot the incredibly rare Atari game in the mix.

Apparently, the game’s unique T-shaped handle made it fairly easy to spot.

Goodwill spokesman Shay Dial Johnson said the Atari game is among the most valuable items the company has ever dealt with and the cash will go to a good cause.

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“With the $10,000 earned from the sale of this one item Goodwill North Central Texas can provide day rehabilitation services for a year for one adult with disabilities,” Johnson told Fox.

“Or provide 20 homeless individuals with job placement services and community resources; or help 10 at-risk youth earn their GED and a paycheck at the same time,”


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