NOT LOVIN’ IT: Two McDonald’s employees charged after drugs found in kid’s Happy Meal

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Unhappiest Happy Meal ever.

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Two McDonald’s employees were charged and arrested in Maine after the prescription drugs of one of them fell into a child’s Happy Meal box.

The boy’s mother contacted the Auburn Police Department after finding the four packets of what would later be identified as Suboxone, which is used to treat opioid addiction.

So, not exactly the toy she or her son were hoping to find.

Investigators spoke to employees and conducted an “extensive review” of the restaurant’s video surveillance footage before determining the incident was “an accident” by one of the staffers.

The employee had the drugs in his shirt pocket when he bent over to grab something from behind the counter — and that’s when the drugs landed in the Happy Meal box.

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According to a statement from the Auburn PD, the employee had no clue the drugs were missing until later in the shift, when the store learned about the incident.

The investigation also uncovered that he bought the Suboxone illegally from another employee earlier that day.

Michael Sevey, 43, was charged with unlawful possession of prescription drugs, while his dealer, Mariah Grant, 29, was charged with unlawful trafficking of prescription drugs.

Neither were charged with negligence but the investigation is ongoing and McDonald’s management is cooperating with the case.

Both Sevey and Grant are scheduled to appear in court on November 3.


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