National Geographic suggests fireworks harm minority communities

Twitter users were not impressed with the famed publication

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Do fireworks hurt people of colour?

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A National Geographic post on the Fourth of July implying that they do sparked backlash on Twitter.

“Scientists found that vulnerable people and communities of colour are disproportionately exposed to air pollution from firework celebrations,” the famed magazine tweeted along with a link to a study on its website,

The article, with the headline ‘The hidden toll of July Fourth fireworks’ and based on research using crowdsourcing data in California, says minority residents of the state are at greater risk of health concerns to fireworks smoke because displays usually take place in urban areas and along the coast, where there are higher concentrations of minorities.

Minorities are also at a higher rate of having asthma and other health afflictions, so the smoke adds to their problems, according to the research.

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“The authors … showed that fireworks smoke may be creating an additional — albeit short-term — health risk for communities already disproportionately burdened by air pollution,” the article states.

“These areas also tended to have more Black and Hispanic residents than those with less Fourth of July air pollution.”

National Geographic’s tweet was met with virtual eye rolling and irritation.

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“What happened to the old Nat Geo, where we talked about animals and how amazing they are?” one person wrote.

“So ridiculous. Husband has had subscription for 55 yrs (aunts gave it to him originally). It gets cancelled this week,” another Twitter user replied.

Another unimpressed tweeter commented: “When you run out of problems so you create new ones.”


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