COULDN’T BARE IT: Plane passenger’s water fight goes viral

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Talk about a real foot soldier.

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An airplane passenger is soaking up the limelight after filming himself dumping water on an unfriendly flyer who allegedly propped their foot on his armrest.

The Etiquette Police come in all shapes and sizes — and this passenger’s aquatic approach has won over the internet, racking up more than 3.9 million viral views on TikTok in fewer than 24 hours.

@the.walker.twinsHad to do something 🥴 #airplane #travel #situation #viral #foryou♬ original sound WalkerBrothers

“What to do in this situation,” reads the clip’s caption, which shows the videographer seated on the airplane while a passenger’s bare feet are seen resting on the arm of his window seat. The ticked TikToker decides to pour a bottle of Dasani water over the foot freedom-seeker, which prompts the foot guy to get his act together and move his feet off the armrest.

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The clip was uploaded on Monday by the Walker Twins, who regularly share lighter fare to their audience of some 250,000 followers on the TikTok video streaming platform.

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