Covid or compliance? Speeding tickets plummet in April

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Nothing like a pandemic lockdown to curtail speeding drivers.

Latest information about Toronto’s speed trap devices shows almost 8,000 fewer tickets were issued in April as compared to March — no doubt partly the result of emergency stay-at-home orders issued at the beginning of April.

The city’s speed machines issued 22,635 tickets in April, down from a high of 30,466 in March.

These are the results from the 50 ASE devices all over the city for the fifth month of enforcement, at the second round of locations.

The most tickets came from a device on Sheppard East, west of Don Mills Rd., where 3,706 scofflaws were clocked driving over the limit. That’s 16% of the total.

A fine of $718, the highest issued, went to a driver going 99 km/h in a 50 zone on Sheppard East at the above-mentioned location.

There were 1,506 people who got more than one ticket in April, including one person whose need to speed earned him or her 15 tickets.

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Some of the 15 were clocked on Doris Ave., north of Spring Garden Ave. in Willowdale, and some were recorded at that Sheppard Ave. East/Don Mills machine.

In March, there were 2,501 repeat offenders, so that number dropped considerably in April.

All 50 devices were moved for a third time at the beginning of June. The devices raise public awareness and continue to have a deterrent effect wherever they’ve been placed — even when moved to a new location. There are signs at all the new locations to warn drivers in advance.

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The tickets are set fines, except for anyone exceeding the speed limit by 50 km/h or more; that person gets an automatic summons to appear before a Justice of the Peace.

The message to drivers is simple: slow down, obey the speed limit or you will be caught and ticketed,” said Mayor John Tory in a statement from the City of Toronto.

The mayor has said he finds the drop in numbers of tickets between March and April to be a good sign that the speed cameras are doing what they were supposed to do.

“These enforcement measures are on top of the Vision Zero road safety work we are continuing to do, including: designing and building safer streets, deploying new pedestrian head start traffic signals, and lowering speed limits.”

The city of Toronto provides a map of all speed camera locations at


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