KEEP IT CLEAN: Dirty vehicles not allowed for Philippine National Police

Even visitors will be turned away if their car isn’t sparkling clean

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With all the things going on in the world, the Philippine National Police (PNP) has different priorities: maintaining clean cars.

New guidelines have been implemented for personnel and civilians at PNP headquarters, Camp Crame, in Quezon City in the Manila national capital region.

Police vehicles need to be washed before being allowed entry into Camp Crame, reads an order from the Headquarters Support Service obtained by the Philippine STAR.

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The new rule doesn’t just affect those who work for PNP. The same goes for anyone who requires access to PNP offices, so contractors, deliveries, civilians, visitors, anyone conducting routine business, obtaining permits or documents, getting a criminal record check will be turned away at the gates if their vehicle isn’t sparkling.

A police official, who wished to remain anonymous, says the new policy went into effect on Friday.

“What if you came from an operation? You will need to report back to Crame. Will you still think of getting a car wash?” asked the official.

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The order came from PNP chief Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, who has launched an intensified cleanliness program to ensure that police stations, precincts and offices are spotless.

In a COVID world, it makes sense, but the exteriors of vehicles seems a bit excessive. Personnel returning from an operation, or visitors simply running an errand, being forced to ensure a clean car, or find a car wash or available hose, before heading over to Camp Crame can be quite an inconvenience.

According to the report, other guidelines include officers being posted around headquarters to issue citations to anyone speeding, barring any motorcycles from entering without proper stickers, as well as issue violation tickets to those not following COVID protocol.

Prior to his appointment as PNP chief in May, Eleazar – a tough disciplinarian who wants to make his mark during the short tenure he has – served as the commander of the Joint Task Force COVID Shield in 2020.


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