Chinese agents active in Canada, Commons committee hears

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Harassment campaigns are being orchestrated in Canada by the Chinese Embassy and Chinese foreign agents have threatened Canadian citizens here, according to Commons committee testimony.

“The government has warned Chinese authorities against interference activities, raised concerns directly over attempts to intimidate Canadians from freely expressing their views, and will continue to do so,” cabinet wrote in a letter to a Commons foreign affairs subcommittee, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

There were no specific incidents detailed in the June 23 letter.

“The Government of Canada is aware that foreign states, including the People’s Republic of China or its proxies, may attempt to harras, threaten and intimidate Canadians, persons residing in Canada or their families in Canada or abroad, particularly Chinese diaspora or etho-cultural communities,” staff wrote, according to Blacklock’s.

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That letter was in response to a recommendation from a subcommittee that federal agencies “systemically track cases of harassment by Chinese authorities.” Official estimates suggest the RCMP receives on average 120 tips daily alleging covert activities by Communist Party agents in Canada.

Rukiye Turdush, a Uygur-Canadian, testified at a Special Commons Committee on Canada-China relations at May 31 regarding 2019 incidents such as McMaster University’s ban of a campus club, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, suspected of hectoring Uygur Muslim students on campus.

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“The Chinese Embassy told these students and instructed them in what to do,” Turdush testified, adding she was covertly videotaped while giving a speech at McMaster’s Muslim Students’ Association.

“This was clearly intelligence gathering,” she said. “This is not an issue between me and the international Chinese students. This is China’s influence on Canada. Governments should deal with it.”


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