Stouffville family looking for kidney donor for mom

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A woman has taken to social media in the hopes of saving her mother’s life.

Dannielle Rodrigues is looking for a live kidney donor for her mother, 63-year-olod Lucy Latino who has needed a new kidney for 13 years but has recently taken a downturn in her health.

Latino went into kidney failure in April.

For a transplant the donor would need to be type O blood that is positive or negative and no one in her family is a match.

Organ donations must match the same blood time and those waiting for an organ from a deceased individual can be on the wait list for years.

So far, two people have raised their hands to see if they are a match, but tests haven’t been completed yet.

She has taken her appeal to Facebook and Instagram hoping to find a giving person who is a match.

“I know this is a big ask, but my mother is at a pivital point in her disease. What do you do,” Rodrigues said.

She says that others have had success with donations by publishing their need.

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Rodrigues says it is a little frightening advertising.

“”You put yourself out there and you don’t know what people think of you,” she said.

“But then there is the scary part of whether my mom gets a transplant.”

She says her mom has good and bad days as she prepares for dialysis.

Rodrigues says even if she isn’t successful getting a kidney for her mom she hopes her efforts will help educate people to donate.

People can no longer register by signing their driver’s licence.

To become a donor after death people must have registered online at

People interested in being a living donor can go to

Rodrigues’ social media sites go by lucyneedsakidney.


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