Harry and Meghan butt of dumb and dumber jokes

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Twitter lit up with insults this week over news from the UK Telegraph that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have rejected the title “Earl of Dumbarton” for their son.

It is alleged the royals felt “Dumbarton” would be immediate fodder for bullies who would lose no time emphasizing the “dumb” part.

Both Harry and Meghan are said to have been bothered by the potential for name-calling with the Dumbarton title.

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Regardless of whether or not this latest Harry-and-Meghan story is true,wags on social media have had a field day with it, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“Should have offered the title Earl of Wokingham surely…?” tweeted Ant Watts, while another rapier wit wrote, “How about the Earl of Wokingham? Seems to fit better!”

The “Wokingham” joke was repeated by many on social media.

GB News personality Colin Brazier tweeted, “The Dukedom of the Isles of Scilly never stood a chance.”

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Others on social media felt the people of Dumbarton would be insulted, but various posts suggest the good Scots of that fair city will survive.

As the Daily Recordreported, Dumbarton Football posted a picture on twitter of people wearing dunce caps, with “We will not be dumb” written on a blackboard behind them.

“No offence taken @RoyalFamily,” the club tweeted with the photo.

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Others tweeted that the royals shouldn’t have taken the title themselves if they no longer want to be working royals; Harry and Meghan are known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the titles Earl and Countess of Dumbarton and Baron and Baroness Kilkeel were also bestowed on them by the Queen on their wedding day.

The title debacle is confusing.

On one hand, Harry has allegedly made it clear that he does not want titles for his children, hoping to emulate his aunt, Princess Anne, whose children Peter and Zara do not have titles.

On the other hand, much was made during the Oprah interview about how Archie would not be made a prince when Prince Charles became king; the grandchildren of the British monarch are automatically princesses and princes, or at least, those whose fathers are children of the monarch do.

Until recently, the titles were all about the male children. At any rate, the lack of a prince title for young Archie changes security detail around the couple and their children.

TheDaily Mailreported last week that Prince Charles is said to want to have a slimmed-down monarchy, which is why Archie and his infant sister Lili Diana may not have prince and princess titles.

Meanwhile, Earl of Dumbarton was very likely overlooked as a title for their son by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because their expectation would be that the child will become a prince upon his grandfather becoming King.


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