Socialite Jasmine Hartin battling billionaires in fight to see children

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Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin is taking a scorched earth approach in her bitter fight to see her children.

The 32-year-old beauty faces a daunting task in the tropical paradise of Belize with both the police and one of the small country’s wealthiest and most powerful families lined up against her.

For starters, she is charged with negligent manslaughter for the the May 28 shooting death of her friend, Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott.

But a bigger obstacle may be the family of her estranged common-law husband, Andrew Ashcroft.

His daddy is billionaire Sir Michael Ashcroft, one of the most powerful men in Belize and a force to be reckoned with in London.

Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott.
Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott. Photo by HANDOUT /SAN PEDRO POLICE

Already, it appears the family is desperate to distance themselves from the Canadian former real estate agent.

Hartin — who grew up in eastern Ontario — has watched as her case has bitterly divided residents in Belize.

Some, including Jemmott’s family, believe she should have been charged with murder and should not have gotten bail.

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According to 7 Belize News, Hartin is now attempting to change the storyline.

“In the last 24 hours Jasmine Hartin has dramatically reversed her public narrative — presenting herself as a victim, a spouse spurned and a woman scorned,” the broadcaster reported.

On Tuesday, Hartin charged into the the Ashcroft family’s luxe resort demanding to see her children, Charlie and Elle, and scolding Andrew Ashcroft who she alleged was keeping them from her.

Hartin and hubby Andrew Ashcroft, whose powerful father is billionaire Lord Ashcroft, at the opening of their new resort.
Hartin and hubby Andrew Ashcroft, whose powerful father is billionaire Lord Ashcroft, at the opening of their new resort. Photo by ALAIA RESORT /FACEBOOK

Hartin, accompanied by a friend and a woman said to be her mother, filmed the action at the Ashcroft’s Alaia Resort with her mobile phone.

“This is wrong and I don’t know why he is doing this other than to clear his own name and distance himself,” she texted 7 News Belize.

As he ran away, Hartin tells Andrew: “He’s gonna rot in hell for this! Like, I’m not going through enough! Like, I’m not going through enough!”

Reports in Belize suggested that the fun-loving Hartin and Andrew Ashcroft’s relationship was already on the rocks.

Sources told The Toronto Sun that the Ashcrofts are now trying to distance themselves from Hartin as fast as possible.

Hartin is currently living away from her home on posh San Pedro Island and is required to check in with the cops on a daily basis.

She is back in court Aug. 12.
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