Colin and Justin survive ‘terrifying’ collision between cab and police cruiser in Quebec City

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Lucky to be alive.

That’s how beloved TV interior designers and Toronto Sun contributors Colin McAllister and his partner Justin Ryan — aka “Colin and Justin” — are feeling after their cab was in an “absolutely terrifying” crash with a police cruiser in Quebec City on Sunday night.

The Scottish couple, who moved to Toronto in 2010, were on a work trip when they got into the back of a taxi with employee Stephanie Woods sitting in between them before the cab circled to a small street at the back of their hotel, Auberge Saint-Antoine, just after 9:15 p.m.

“At that moment, without warning, it was almost like we stepped in front of a bullet,” McAllister said Thursday, while on a break from shooting a TD commercial with Ryan in Toronto.

“This police car just came rattling right towards us (and) totally T-boned us — it was super, super frightening,” he said.

Ryan, who was sitting on the driver’s side of the cab that got hit, said: “It was just absolutely terrifying.”


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“I remember the moment of impact. I remember looking around and seeing this police car to our left and thinking, ‘That’s not going to miss us. That is going to hit us,’” he recalled. “We didn’t roll but the car lifted up, maybe on to its two side wheels, and then it (went) back down onto the ground. If we hadn’t been wearing seat belts it would have been a very, very different story.”

They say other police and paramedics arrived quickly on the scene and they were told the cruiser was chasing another car believed to be involved in an earlier hit-and-run.

“Other police were there in seconds,” said McAllister.

The couple and Woods were taken to L’Enfant-Jésus Hospital and only Ryan, who has two broken ribs, a suspected bruised lung and other body bruising, stayed overnight and was released in the morning.


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Woods has whiplash, a bump on her head and bruises while McAllister is also bruised all over.

They say their taxi driver, whose name they don’t know, was also at the hospital, but they were unsure of his condition. The two police officers, including the female driver, in the cruiser seemed to be okay.

“I don’t know what speed they were going, but we aim to find out, but that police car was barreling through the downtown area of the city at exorbitant speed and it nearly killed us,” said Ryan.

Added McAllister: “There were a lot of people promenading on the waterfront, enjoying the St. Lawrence, so there were a lot of families out. I mean the car could have spun off and hit some of them.”

They say the accident happened at the intersection of Côte de la Montagne and Rue Dalhousie.

The couple, who returned to Toronto on Tuesday, posted photos of both their crumpled cab and banged up police cruiser on their Facebook page.

They were given an incident number by the investigating officers to follow up with but are immediately focused on “getting their health back,” said McAllister.

“Something like this a great reminder that the world can change in a second, in a heartbeat — everything can be gone,” said Ryan.


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