Mystery person flies hoverboard through Times Square

Visitors shocked, amused at man channelling ‘Green Goblin’ over busy Manhattan street

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane.

It’s … a hoverboarder?

A masked person flew over Times Square on a hoverboard one recent New York evening and stunned onlookers took out their phones to capture the bizarre flight including the Instagram account @whatisnewyork that posted the video.

The incident recalled the moves of Spiderman’s air-surfing enemy Green Goblin, but the person who operated the hoverboard remains unknown.

The operator wore all black and appeared to have a GoPro on their helmet while holding a remote control as they flew up Broadway around 45th St., according to the New York Post.

We apologize, but this video has failed to load.

Digital Trends is reporting it might be a device from Omni Hoverboards that retails for about $20,000 as Omni’s CEO Alexandru Duru teased “pushing the boundaries for other projects,” in a recent interview.

Gothamist, however, is speculating it could be YouTuber Hunter Kowald, who’s known for performing such stunts with that kind of equipment in urban settings.

However, to no one’s surprise, flying above Times Square might not illegal.

The Post reports the NYC Administrative Code Section 10-126, cites “avigating” as in to “pilot, steer, direct, fly or manage an aircraft in or through the air, whether controlled from the ground or otherwise” is “unlawful … at any place within the limits of the city.”


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