MOTHERCLUCKER! Saucy chicken wing crisis hammers wallets

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Some chicken wing aficionados in Buffalo are going to be opting for “suicide.”

According to the Buffalo News, the birthplace of the chicken wing is suffering a shortage of the fave barroom snack resulting in a big price spike.

“This time last year, an order of 20 from us came to $25 even (after tax); right now it’s $31.53,” Jeff Feather, 28, a manager at Duff’s Famous Wings, told the New York Post. “I’ve definitely had some customers when they find out the price, cancel the order or not get wings anymore.”

Toronto Sun Life Editor Rita Demontis said shortages typically occur around big sporting events like the Super Bowl. And there’s more bad news: It’s going to get worse.

“This isn’t the first time chicken wing lovers have been held hostage with the threat of less wings for more money,” Demontis said. “This has been going on for years, and usually skyrockets around major sports events.”

That’s clucked.

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The once disposable, cheap chicken wing is now in high demand partly caused by its popularity and the pandemic.

“We have the perfect storm happening: Increase in demand, drop in workers who process the wings, and the pandemic eating phenomena,” Demontis said, adding “it’s only going to get uglier.”

Rita DeMontis, the Toronto Sun chain’s national lifestyle and food editor
Rita DeMontis, the Toronto Sun chain’s national lifestyle and food editor

According to Feather, Duff’s is paying 80% more per pound than they did in 2019. And there are also shortages from their suppliers.

“There was definitely a time when we would order 60 cases of wings and 20 cases would get delivered to us because that’s all they had,” Feather told The Post. “We’re working around it.”

The Buffalo News blamed explosive demand, the pandemic and a winter storm in Texas that resulted in millions of chicks being euthanized.

Feather told the Post he hopes that as the economy reopens the supply lines will improve.


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