ODDS AND ENDS: Stoned lobsters and other offbeat offerings

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There’s always been a debate on how to humanely kill lobsters before you cook them.

Some boil them alive in water. Others choose to split the lobster’s head in half with a knife.

Now one study claims the most humane thing to do before killing a lobster is to get it high.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego decided to study whether the sea creatures could get high after a Maine restauranteur  claimed experimented with marijuana and filled up a sealed chamber full of lobsters in order to get them high and loosen them up before boiling them in water.

Charlotte Gill told the Mount Desert Islander the lobsters were cooked in water with very little reaction – compared to sober lobsters who tried to climb out of the pot upon learning their fate, she claimed.

According to The Takeout, UCSD scientists pre-published a research paper that found THC vapour from an e-cigarette showed significant behavioural changes in lobsters, making them remarkably chill while remaining conscious.

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The paper – which is still subject to peer review – stated more research is needed but it looks like it’s a humane thing to do before destining them to a dinner plate.

Closeup detail of woman putting pink chewing gum into her mouth.
Closeup detail of woman putting pink chewing gum into her mouth. Photo by File Photo /Getty Images


A 19-year-old girl from Wales likely died because of her chewing gum habit.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Samantha Jenkins died after reportedly complaining about an upset stomach, which she blamed on a soft drink.

However, an autopsy performed on the teen’s body found “four or five bright green lumps” that were revealed to be gum, according to coroners, which they believe contributed to her death.

Jenkins’ family found a large amount of empty chewing gum boxes and wrappers in her room after her death some 10 years ago.

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A decade later, the teen’s mother, Maria Morgan, told the Herald she remembered telling her daughter to drink some water and lay down after she complained about not feeling well.

Morgan — who described Jenkins as “vivacious and fun loving” —  said she heard a couple of thuds as Jenkins shouted “Is this what it’s like to die?”

The teen was transported to hospital and put in an induced coma.  She later died.

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A Brown Bear walking by a tourist’s car.
A Brown Bear walking by a tourist’s car. Photo by File Photo /Getty Images


Maybe the bear wanted to take a road trip?

A teacher from Georgia who was visiting Tennessee as part of a class project woke up to find a bear locked inside her car. Mary Jane Yarbrough told news outlet WMAZ-TV that she was in Gatlinburg, Tenn., to take a class for a planned school project with her students next year when she left her vehicle parked overnight.

That’s apparently when the bear had managed to open the vehicle and climb inside before the door shut behind him, leaving him trapped. Yarbrough was woken up her vehicle’s horn honking and went outside to investigate when she saw her vehicle shaking violently.

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The teacher called cops after discovering the car’s occupant was a black bear. Officers managed to get the animal out of the car but not before he caused significant interior damage – which included ripping the dashboard, airbag and radio out.

Ironically, the bear didn’t go for the protein bars or pack of gum that was inside Yarbrough’s car.

painted parking sign on the asphalt.
painted parking sign on the asphalt. Photo by File Photo /Getty Images


Talk about a premium parking spot.

In a metropolis where space comes with a price, a parking spot in an affluent neighbourhood in Hong Kong set a new world record for its price tag.

According to UPI, a parking space located in the luxury Mount Nicholson residential project was sold to an unnamed buyer for $1.3 million by Wharf Holdings Ltd. and Nan Fung Group.

When broken down, the 134.5-square-foot parking space equates to $9,5000 per square foot. That’s a lot of money for a place to park.

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The spot’s sale broke a previous world record also set in Hong Kong when a space sold for $969,000 in October 2019 at The Center, a 79-storey office tower.


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